Which terminal and label printer for a modern warehouse?

24 Apr.,2023


Technological improvements of warehouse work

The e-commerce market is developing year by year. Each of us more and more willingly reaches for an online offer persuaded by various special offers. We do out of convenience or even necessity, especially when we meticulously care about our time. We care about time and manner or receiving a parcel. It’s a huge challenge for logistics companies. E-commerce drives the development of the warehouse market; there are more and more storage spaces so that goods can be delivered faster and more efficiently. This is where modern technology appears, and together with it a question arises which terminal and label printer are the best for a modern warehouse.

Easy-to-use terminal and label printer for warehouse operators

The warehouse industry is changing. There are more and more goods to be completed, there is an increasing number of serviced returns. On the market we can encounter a great shortage of labour force and a high level of personnel turnover. All that causes the use of modern technology that facilitates all these processes to become a necessity. Reliable and easy-to-use hardware and coherent IT system are products desired by many warehouse operators.

Data terminals and label printers surely constitute essential equipment of warehouse employees. Knowledge about operating such devices becomes crucial even during recruitment of new employees. Manufacturers are continuously improving their devices. As a result, the deployment of an operator on a new job position doesn’t require complicated trainings to be conducted.

Each new data terminal of the leading manufacturers on the market (Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, CipherLab) is equipped with Android operational system. A simple, intuitive and, above all, known by everyone, interface causes every user to start working with the terminal with ease and pleasure. There are many configurations available on the market which make it possible to adjust the equipment to the conditions of the target work environment.

What should you pay attention to while choosing a terminal?

While making a purchase decision, it’s worth considering a type of a barcode scanner module.

  • standard or long-range one up to 21 m. It is particularly useful in high storage warehouses. type of keyboard
  • just a touch keyboard if we sporadically complete data after reading a code, and a physical one for an operator’s greater comfort
  • resistance to falls (leaders on the market guarantee reliable work after a fall on a hard surface even from 2 m)
  • level of protection of the casing against dust and liquid absorption.

Labelling products, racks and printing out logistics labels

The Android system in data terminals has dominated the market. Users reach for this solution out of convenience, but also a must. It’s unquestionably the lack of a reasonable alternative on the market. Microsoft will stop providing technical support for Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 in 2020 and for Windows® Embedded Compact 7.0 in 2021.

Another essential device in the warehouse environment are unquestionably label printers, frequently also referred to as barcode printers. Thanks to them we can label in an appropriate manner both particular products as well as racks, and finally print out a logistics label.

The leading manufacturers on the market (Citizen, Honeywell, Zebra, TSC, Printronix) offer universal devices that make thermal printing of labels of limited durability possible. It is also thermal transfer printout with the use of a thermal transfer tape for specialist and durable labels.

Summing up, a key determinant in printers dedicated to a warehouse is their simple structure which guarantees reliable work and a large print volume. Colourful touchscreens that facilitate operator’s work are becoming a standard. Simple and clear messages explicitly inform about the current state of a device.

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