Things to consider while choosing a Label Printer for your warehouse

24 Apr.,2023


Undoubtedly, the best-operating warehouses around the world use barcodes to boost their efficiency. They register, track, and collect data about the material, the stock they receive, put away, move, count, pick, pack, and ship on a mobile barcode scanner simply by scanning barcoded products and bins. Accessible barcode labels on items, racks, pallets, boxes, and other warehouse essentials are important in boosting warehouse operation efficiency. With Advanced Warehouse Management System, you can generate your label prints directly from your mobile device. The same device you use for collecting data by barcode scanning. For this, all you need is a Mobile Warehouse Management Solution and a suitable Zebra Label Printer.

Label Printer Consideration

  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Printing method
  • Label size and durability
  • Price
  • Print volume
  • Resolution


Do you want to print on the move, or will a stationary printer do?
Mobile printers optimize your warehouse processes but come with some limitations in terms of label durability and quality as well as a print volume.


Do you want to connect your printers via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Ethernet, or both?
Make sure you are able to print at all times.

Printing method

Are durable labels a must or is the simplicity of the essence?
Thermal transfer creates durable and lasting labels, while direct thermal is simpler to use and maintain.

Label size and durability

Do you have special needs when it comes to the size and quality of labels?
Labels come in varying sizes and qualities.


What’s your budget?
Shape, size, and functionality differ which affects the price level.

Print volume

How many labels are you printing per day?
Printers used in industries are the way to go if you print thousands of labels each day but lack the process optimizing benefits of mobile printers.


Do you prefer the speed or quality of the label?
Print faster with 203 DPI or print enhanced quality with 300 DPI.

Track your shipments with a Printed License Plate

One of the best things about using barcodes in your warehouse is that you can keep track of your goods as they move around your locations. And by introducing the concept of outbound license plates, MetaWMS Mobile WMS even makes it possible to track your shipments all the way to the receiving part. License plates are unique IDs for a specific set of items. They are created in the picking process directly on the mobile device and registered in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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