Corrugated Packaging - because boxes are so much more than ordinary.

22 Nov.,2022


Corrugated Box Equipment

Before a product makes its way into the hearts and minds of consumers, it has to arrive in perfect condition. Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning qualities to protect contents from damage. One of the reasons it works so well is found in its basic construction, which uses a middle layer of fluting to absorb impact.

Architects have known for thousands of years that a curved arch is the strongest way to span a given space. The inventors of corrugated fiberboard applied this same principle to paper when they put arches in the corrugated medium. These arches are known as flutes, and they enable corrugated to resist bending and pressure from all directions.

These flutes are little engineering marvels and a key to corrugated’s protective qualities. The arches form rigid columns, capable of supporting a great deal of weight while cushioning the container’s contents. The flutes also serve as insulators, providing some product protection from sudden temperature changes.

Combining high-tech engineering and the versatility to custom-design every package for its particular contents and shipping requirements, corrugated’s cushioning quality is matched by its stacking strength, preventing damage in transit.

Find more information on flutes and package design in the Fibre Box Handbook, available for purchase here.