6 Benefits of Using HDPE Pipes

26 Oct.,2022

Pipes are vulnerable to the substances they transfer and the environmental conditions they must withstand.


Pipes are vulnerable to the substances they transfer and the environmental conditions they must withstand. For example, scarce rainfall over the past few years has led to changes in soil moisture which can lead to pipeline shifts and fractures, resulting in wasted treated water.

Pipes used in large quantities, particularly for domestic water distribution and industrial or irrigation water systems, are particularly susceptible to stresses that can lead to leaks and breakage. These piping systems must carry large volumes of water over an extensive network, and changes in subsurface conditions can have a detrimental effect on the stability of the pipes.

HDPE pipe is unaffected by algae, fungi or bacteria. It is highly abrasion resistant to any solids in suspension, such as sewer waste or mineral slurry. Unlike steel pipes, which need to be lined, galvanised or coated internally and externally.



Difficulties with water piping systems

These piping systems ensure that the water being transported is protected from contaminants and other harmful substances. However, sometimes the danger comes from the pipes themselves. For example, in systems made from metal pipes, corrosion and rust can form when water and oxygen interact with steel or iron, thereby contaminating the water supply. In severe cases, damage can weaken the structure of the pipe and cause it to rupture, cutting off the water supply to the rest of the network.

6 Benefits of using HDPE pipes

1. Extended service life

In addition, HDPE pipes have a longer service life than metal pipes - which only last 20 to 50 years. Depending on design, installation and application, the service life of PE pipes and fittings is estimated to be between 50 and 100 years.

HDPE Gas Pipe

HDPE Gas Pipe

2. Corrosion resistance

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes can be used effectively for large-scale liquid transport because they can withstand high pressures and are unaffected by rusting due to their thermoplastic quality. Unlike traditional metal fittings, HDPE pipes will not rust, corrode or rot. PE pipes are also resistant to biological growth, eliminating the costly problems associated with corrosion and scaling.

3. Environmentally friendly options

HDPE pipe fittings are recognised for their minimal impact on the environment. For example, less energy is required to manufacture HDPE pipes than non-plastic pipes. HDPE pipes are lighter in weight and more cost effective to transport than metal pipes. In addition, HDPE pipe manufacturing does not emit harmful levels of toxins into the air during the manufacturing or welding process.

4. Leak-free joints

Conventional metal piping systems are connected by mechanical joints or bell joints. These carry a specific leak factor and waste valuable resources. Meanwhile, HDPE piping systems can be connected using hot fusion. Hot fusion involves heating the surfaces of two HDPE pipes at a specific pressure and then allowing the PE pipes to cool, producing an integral, permanent and leak-free pipe joint.

HDPE Pipe Fittings

HDPE Pipe Fittings

5. Fatigue resistance

HDPE pipes are ductile and flexible, rather than rigid. PE100 polyethylene pipes are designed and pressure rated to handle the common and recurring surges that are common in water distribution systems.

Valor HDPE pipes are the right choice; they are durable and versatile. The smooth inner surface of the pipes allows for high flow and pressure capacity, enabling them to facilitate fluid transfer without the risk of blockage or rupture.

6. High performance piping solutions for any industry

At Valor Pipe, we offer high performance piping solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. With over 15 years of service, we are an experienced and trusted company that produces products to meet a wide range of piping needs. We offer a comprehensive catalogue of HDPE pipes, fittings and other piping equipment. We cater for a diverse range of industries, including plumbing, drainage, irrigation, infrastructure, mining, ventilation, communications and other specialist systems. With Valor Pipe, you will find an efficient and cost-effective solution to quality piping.

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